iOS 9.3.2 vs iOS 10 beta 3 – performance comparison

iOS 10 beta 3 was released last night for application developers for the iOS platform, and more than a day away from its appearance, we now have the opportunity to see how it compares in performance with iOS 9.3.2, the official version of the system operating on the Cupertino a public offering until yesterday.

Although we are talking about two different version of the operating system and we can expect iOS 10 beta 3 have performances inferior to iOS 9.3.2, the Cupertino nice way to surprise us in an update that works much faster on iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch iOS 9.3.2 girl sites.

You can see that if all terminals tested iOS 10 beta 3 works much better than iOS 9.3.2, and this gives us hope about the final version of the iOS operating system 10, it can funciton even better than iOS 9 on terminals to Apple.

Given that we are talking about a beta version of iOS 10 must warn the possibility that Apple modify the operating system in such a way that it has had a performance lower than now, but it remains to be seen what kind of we have surprise this fall.

Best Games quick short breaks recommended by Apple

Although the App Store has a variety of very interesting games, most of them are available at quite high prices, but that does not mean you have to spend a fortune to get great titles for iDevice’s.

Through a new section called Quick-Fix Games Games – Five Minute Escapes Apple recommends us the best games in the App Store we are busy in short breaks.

We are talking about an exclusive selection of attractive titles with gameplay that are suitable for use in any kind of short breaks.



Facebook allows you to provide notes for his virtual robots functionality

 Facebook today announced the implementation of new functions for those using chatbots in Facebook Messenger, users being able to award grades virtual robots that are now available in the chat interface acclaimed text messaging service and more.

New chatbots allow users to use Facebook Messenger to make various online shopping to call a taxi, to buy tickets or make reservations for accommodation, various companies using them including to help customers, some managed to cancel parking tickets using such robots.

11,000 chatbots there in the Facebook platform Messenger at the moment and the new rating system announced today by Facebook will allow for notes in the form of stars for these robots cyber users can give impression about how it works her reaching these developers.



Moreover, Facebook Messenger has implemented including a new feature called Quick replies, displaying it very simple and quick answers that can be given virtual robots, giving Facebook a new system that keeps constant control commands visible in the chat interface.

“People can leave a 5-star review and provide freeform feedback on your bot from the user control option: Manage > Leave Feedback. Feedback posted here will be emailed to you daily and is also available via the review dashboard in your app settings. Quick Replies appear prominently above the composer, with they keyboard less prominent. When a button is tapped, the message is sent in the conversation with developed-defined metadata in the callback.”

Finally, Facebook now gives these chatbots ability to share animations type GIF to users, but separately they can send including video and audio files, so companies will be able to share detailed information about certain products, if users need they.

All these changes announced by Facebook for chatbots in Facebook Messenger are available right now for developers, and users will barely reach of when they will be implemented by developers.

Cydia Download for iOS 9.2 Jailbreak

About Cydia

If you are reading this then you are like me. You like your iPhone for its stability but want something more. You like experimenting and customization but feel that Apple has taken that away from you. Luckily, with a Cydia download you can break free. Cydia is a management suite available for jailbreak iOS devices. With this app you have at your disposal a ton of customizable goodies. Cydia gives you full access to customize your phone and the option to download iOS 9 Cydia Apps which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Installing iOS 9

Getting Cydia on your phone is easy as pie. The first step “of faith” is to jailbreak your Apple device running iOS 9. Jailbreaking  your device will allow you to start the download for the Cydia app, witch in turn will allow you to install those customizable apps that you crave for on your device.

To begin with take into account that are more ways to jailbreak an iOS 9. Some are free and some are paid services. We will show you the free and easy way. Following this link will bring you to a site that shows you how to jailbreak iOS 9.2 device free and safe. Evasi0n has prepared a guide to walk even the newest user of iOS 9 through the jailbreaking process.

After completing this simple process you are now the proud owner of a jailbroken iOS 9 device. Now you will be prompted to install Cydia. As you probably already know by now Cydia is the main app store that enables users to download Cydia apps and tweaks for their jailbroken iOS 9 devices.

Cydia download complete!

When the installation for Cydia is complete you will be prompted with some options. The most important question which Cydia asks you is if you are: a hacker, a developer or a user. If you are new to jailbroken devices or to Cydia, it is recommended to select the “user” option. User option offers the most basic options making sure you don’t mess anything on your device.

Now that you have Cydia installed on your phone you’re good to go. Your new jailbroken iOS will still function as before but now after all the “hard work” you finally can install Cydia apps for iOS 9. Go ahead, give it a try, experiment and enjoy even more your iDevice by downloading some Cydia apps and tweaks for iOS 9.


How To Get Classic Wallpapers from iOS 6 with Cydia tweak

You will find just two methods to offer your iOS 9 apparatus a classic, iOS 6 background wallpaper. One, attentively download the images from your internet to your own camera roll after which make use of them as a background. Or, two, get ClassicWallpapers: a Cydia tweak that sets all of the timeless iOS 6 background pictures in the background settings.

If you’re utilizing a jailbroken iPhone, the next approach may be the best one to decide. ClassicWallpapers seamlessly adds all of the timeless iOS 6 backgrounds (and older ones also) to the Brightness & Background settings. It’s possible for you to select the backgrounds from here and use them to the homescreen, lockscreen or both.
Get iOS 6 Backgrounds Back on your own iOS 9 Device ClassicWallpapers Cydia Tweak

We’ve seen a significant lot of Cydia tweaks made to mirror iOS 6s look within iOS 9. While our coverage did cease there (because we figured that not a lot of people will be considering heading back to iOS 6), the jailbreak community didn’t quit.

You don’t really require a tweak to get an iOS 6-age background. But having ClassicWallpapers makes it quite simple.

Essentially a pack of the old backgrounds, what makes ClassicWallpapers useful is it places all these backgrounds to the Brightness & Background settings so you’ll be able to immediately get the.

Using the timeless backgrounds, youll have to test. Some backgrounds go well but some dont. Keep in mind that iOS 9 is a huge, level, minimalist revolution in the old, skeuomorphic, richly-detailed iOS 6. Some textured backgrounds might not gel nicely with existing icons. But if you’re aiming for the old appearance, going classic is a cleaner manner: pick up most of the tweaks that bring iOS6s interface. Like mentioned before, these comprise: ClassicDock, ClassicFolders, ClassicBadges, ClassicLockscreen etc. Not to mention, ClassicWallpapers.

ClassWallpapers is hosted to the MacCiti repo. Its free.

Fix if Cydia tweaks don’t show in your iPhone or iPad settings

When you install Cydia tweaks, a lot of these show up in the Settings program, under another list which includes only tweaks. This makes it possible to shift the tweak allowing your settings.

But if you’re not seeing any tweak in the Settings program, clearly something is incorrect with Cydia. Most instances, there’s nothing to panic. Its only either an issue of a busted tweak or a failed upgrade. Here’s the best way to correct the issue.

Right now, Cydia, Cellular Telephone Substrate as well as the tweaks are very incompatible with iOS 9 jailbreak because Pangu shoved the start earlier than anticipated, catching everyone including Saurik unawares. This means that you might confront problems like Cydia tweaks not showing on the Settings program.
When it doesn’t fix the issue, you’ll need to hold back till Pangu8 is upgraded to incorporate a compatible and secure variation of Cydia and programs.

Things are fine now but in case you are already in a fix, upgrading this kind of tweak can solve most of the issues.

To repair PreferenceLoader, here’s what you really should do:

Open Cydia
Faucet on Handle ? Programs
In the event you don’t find one, search for this in Cydia and install it.
Should you find one (which will be the standard), tap onto it and exploit Change from top-right
Now, faucet on Reinstall.
After that, you reboot your apparatus.
All this normally fixes the issue and also you need to start to see the tweaks appear in the Settings tab.

Nevertheless, in case this doesn’t fix your problem, things might be poor using the Cydia setup itself. Well, that’s a great deal of symptoms that says you should re-jailbreak your apparatus to get them functioning correctly.

Obviously, before you rejailbreak you should first make sure its not among the tweaks. Upgrade all tweaks and after that switch off tweaks through safe mode simply to examine if its a tweak causing each of the trouble.

The great release of TaiG Jailbreak for iDevices

TaiG v2.0 has been released for jailbroken iDevices and it comes at the right time for all the users that have a jailbroken device. Although everyone is quite happy with an existing iOS 8.4 jailbreak, there have been encountered a few bugs. All iOS users are hoping that with this update release, these bugs have been fixed. The most recent update can be downloaded from the TaiG official site or via Cydia in the changes section.

TaiG iOS 8.3 brings quite a few improvements and security details especially for the retina iPad mini, because many users have had some problems with their devices: they would boot and reboot constantly. With this update, also the iPad users can have fun because the boot loop has been fixed. Also, thanks to the new Cydia tweaks available for this version, they are going to want to have fun.

The iOS 8.4 jailbreak is the most surprising of all so far, because users were able to get it without Cydia, which seems madness for all those whom have used past releases of any iOS 8.3 jailbreaks. Unlike before, the TaiG download was first released on a Chinese AppStore called Taig, instead of Saurik, because Cydia was not ready for prime time release, they decided to use an alternate store – although on Taig one will find more piracy than on Cydia and making Saurik very upset about this decision.

With Cydia’s new interface for iOS 8.4 and found by default in the iOS 8.3 untethered jailbreak, every jailbreaker can use his/her iDevice as the always have and also they have access to everything, just as iOS hackers intended.

Being able to update your iOS “over the air” gives Apple users the impression that updating via PC days is long gone. The ability of updating an operating system exactly the way one updates an application makes it easier for everyone that started using jailbreak or is a veteran at it.

Up until now, everything sounds quite perfect – however, the question that remains on every user’s mind is: “If and when the 8.4 version is released, what will happen then?”  Apparently, the masterminds at Apple have already started testing the iDevices for the version 8.4.

In a traditional way, every big company is trying to make their product more secure, which in general is a good thing. However, this can also mean that if Apple decides to see where the jailbreaking began, then it’s time for the TaiG and iOS 8 untethered jailbreak crew to start working and get back to the drawing board. Jailbreakers, this round you might be looked out for by the CEO of Apple and his crew!

Download Safari iOS

If you are browsing the internet in your iPhone or iPad you see tens of pages utilizing a single Safari tab. Only as with any other web browser iOS Safari lets you return to the last web pages you seen by exploiting in the back button. It’s possible for you to exploit the back button as many times as you would like to gain access to the page you’re looking for, yet it is not an extremely suitable manner to do this simple job. Fortunately iOS is packed with helpful gestures and activities which make the life span of the users simpler.

One little known characteristic of cellular Safari browser is it enables users to receive a full set of web pages they seen in any specified tablature. All you need to do is pat and hold to the back button in the button bar of Safari. It is possible to not just see the annals of a Safari tab however, it is also possible to leap to any link simply by tapping onto it.

This easy approach will not just conserve your time and effort but may also let you conserve some of this valuable bandwidth in the event you’re using the mobile network with small allowance. Each tab has a unique history, which may be obtained by the pat and hold approach.

Plus: Simply tap and hold to the back button situated on top left side of your display.

Time to break the chains: Jailbreaking iOS 7 [TUTORIAL]

Ever since “Jailbreaking” got into the spotlight amongst the Apple users, the company has always stated that this process of gaining full control over your device and playing around with restricted apps and such, is not recommended and considered it illegal.

Unfortunately for Apple, some big kahoona from the Library of Congress, decided that, since you bought the device and, theoretically, it’s yours now, you should be able to do anything you want with it.



cydia logo

Reluctantly, Apple played along with this decision and told everybody that it’s ok if they choose to Jailbreak their devices, but if they choose to do so, it’s sayonara warranty!

A fair warning to those who are eager to Jailbreak iOS 7: if you-know-what hits the fan hard while hacking into your iPhone, you’re all alone there. No one should be held responsible for your “jailbreaking adventure” that went wrong… except for you.

With this out of the way now, let’s get to business. We have a few tips for you we would like to talk about in the following paragraphs:

1.      Do you really need to Jailbreak your iOS 7?


Seriously, ask yourself this question. What would be a good reason for doing that? Ok, so you probably want to install an app that, normally, you wouldn’t find in the Apple App Store. Fair enough. What would that app be? SIRI, maybe? Or you may want some tethering with that, too? Sounds like a reason, but you still need to think what else you need, before going crazy redneck on Jailbreaking your device.

2.      Risks? Yeah, we have that…


Which is the biggest one of them all? Bricking your iPhone. Yes, it’s just as it sounds: bad. Unless you want to carry a “brick” in your pocket without the possibility of using it, then go ahead and Jailbreak your iOS 7. Again, if something bad happens, you’re fighting this battle alone!

What else is there in store for you, you ask? Well, some apps might not work well after jailbreaking your device and, of course, there will be no new updates from Apple for you! Even so, you should be able to solve these problems with a reset.

3.      Back up, back up, back up!


I don’t think I need to tell you to do that BEFORE starting the jailbreaking process. Back everything up! EVERYTHING!

4.      Tools you need


Sure, there are a lot of ways to do your job well, but one I find pretty is to use, is Click the link, go to the website and then tap on the free button that’s below Cydia. Normally, you should your device jailbroken and download Cydia installed in a few easy steps. If you want some alternatives to this, you can also try other apps such as Redsn0w, Black Rain, GreenPoisOn, PwnageTool or Snow Breeze. All these apps have their own ways of completing the process, so do your research!

5.      You can’t really have it all


“What? There are limitations of what I can do AFTER jailbreaking iOS 7?!” Yes, there are some things that might bug you, even though your device is now jailbroken. As you were told earlier, you will no longer be able to update your Apple issued software. The only way to do that, is to revert back to your “old” (and boring) iOS 7. Also, the Internet is full of dirty people and so called apps and Trojan horses that can hardly wait to infiltrate your iPhone and wreck havoc in it just like the Mongols led by Gingis Han. Yeah, it might not happen to you, but the possibility of getting a virus or being hacked by some weirdo looking to turn your device into a zombie, is out there.

Want more bad news? Hold on, round 3 is here… Battery can be affected and your phone might crash or reboot, too. Also, the jailbreaking process itself might not work for you. There, we said it all!

6.      Conclusion


Do you really need to Jailbreak your iOS 7? Is it really worth the fight? In the end, it’s your decision, but in my opinion, unless you really have an itch and an overwhelming curiosity about jailbreaking your device, then I don’t think it’s worth the sweat.

The Latest Cydia Design for iOS 7

Today it’s the good news day. We’ve recently enjoyed the release of Evasion Jailbreak. Now it’s time to celebrate because on 24th December, the new 1.19 Cydia has been released and it has come up with a fresh design. The new version of Cydia is very easy to get as you just have to refresh sources.

The good news is that this version of Cydia is meant to work on all iOS devices from 2 to 7. The bad news is that there are some elements that are not updated and I want to remind you that Mobile Substrate is still not fixed yet. Though Cydia 1.19 is suitable for iOS 7 and it’s a great experience. We hope that Saurik is doing its best to solve the problems and we wait to see new versions soon and then if you don’t know how to download cydia just search on google and click on the first result.  One item they want to improve is the dropbar. This should work like iTunes Store’s song preview bar.

When you experience the new Cydia enjoy the new tab bar icons. This feature was brought by Surenix. You may also be pleased with the UIKit Help, brought by Ryan Petrich and also with the UI Images and Optimo, brought by Kyle Matthews. This last feature seems more practical as it is a good tester for mostly everything.

cydia design

cydia new

Now let’s see some steps for getting this version right away. It’s quite easy so let’s do it. First step is to refresh your Cydia sources. When this is done, simply click on “Complete Upgrade” to finish installation.

Forgetting that there are still some improvements to make, this version of Cydia brings “Cydia Installer” and “UIKit Tools”. You may notice some apps or tweaks that won’t work with the 1.19 Cydia. This problem will be solved after the update of Mobile Substrate.